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I = Individual, C = Couple/Relational, F = Family, S = Sex Therapy // O* = Online Only



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Our Number: 1-416-473-3333

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Intake: Ext. 0

For Therapist's Extensions, Please call our number, stay on the line, and listen closely to our menu options

Clinician Emails are on each therapist's individual page

We're always here for you, let us show you the light at the end of the tunnel.
A touch of nature to bring calm and ease.
Wait in comfort while you visit with us.
Fun photo frame prop
We have space for all
Peace of mind lives here.
Bring your family or partner, we serve all
Close up of our logo, you're in the right place
Message board
One of our safe spaces where we counsel you
Counselling and mindfulness happens here.
Your privacy is our priority.
Be comfortable, sit back.
Statement made with this statement wall
Private and comfortable.
Our well maintained premises invite you to stop by
Our office and the limitless sky.
Come on in
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