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Our Mission


Welcome to Your Story Counselling Services.


Our goal is to support those who feel overwhelmed or uncertain and help them take the first step toward positive change and well-being.


We believe in collaborative therapy, providing an inviting and non-judgmental space that respects all identities, races, genders, abilities, cultures, and sexual orientations.


Drawing from their expert training and own life experiences, each clinician at Your Story offers competent and supportive care tailored to your unique story.

We invite you to explore our pages to learn more about what can offer you. We're here to help and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Judy Lui, Msc, CCC, RMFT, RP

Clinical Director

Judy Lui's name in scriptive font



We believe that therapy is a collaborative space where your expertise is combined with therapist's knowledge and skills in order to create the best possible outcomes for you. We believe that our clients are the experts in their own lives and work hard to ensure that your voice is heard. 


Your Story First

Our Clinic name says it all. In a world full of sensationalization, turmoil, and noise, we strive to put you and your story first. It's so easy to lose ourselves in this ever-expanding world. Let us help you find your path again so that you can reclaim authorship of your own story. 



We recognize that not all spaces are safe for folks. We strive to make our clinic a place to take shelter and solace in. No matter who you are and what you are seeking help for, we maintain an inviting and judgement free space that celebrates and respects people from ALL walks of life. 


Culturally Humble

We strive to understand not just you as an individual, but the culture and social surroundings that you embody. We strongly believe that in order to truly help, understanding these nuances is essential to providing you with the best therapeutic care.

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