Sarmeet Multani

Sarmeet Multani

Registerd Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Therapist Intern

Individual, Adolescent/Teen


Neurodivergent (ASD, ADHD), Punjabi, Student Intern (Low Cost)


Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology

- Yorkville University (In Progress)

Honours Bachelor of Arts - Psychology

- York University

Language Spoken

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Specialties & Intrests


Sarmeet Multani

Hi! My name is Sarmeet and I’m so glad you’re here! It takes strength and courage to share your story, but when you do, great things happen.


Do you ever feel as though the entire world is resting on your shoulders? Feeling burnt out and overwhelmed? As a millennial, navigating the world of dating, work, and relationships I know the feeling of being overwhelmed, burnt out and not knowing what to do. As we work together, I can help you recharge and find a calmer balance in life. 


Do you often feel weighed down by feelings of navigating a bicultural identity? Being a first-generation Canadian, I understand the difficulties that can arise from creating a balance between our identities and maneuvering the societal, political, and personal influences that shape and limit your well-being. 


As a South Asian, growing up in predominantly Eastern culture, I noticed a lot of stigma around mental health therefore one of my ultimate goals is to raise awareness of mental health in our community and erase the stigma that comes with it.


It has always been my belief that an individual is in charge of their own life and that their experiences shape them into the person they are today. It is my hope through a safe, validating and non-judgmental space along with strengths-based, mindfulness or narrative approaches to help empower an individual to flourish.


We all need and deserve a bit of help at times, so please feel free to reach out and book a free 15 minute consultation so that I can help you navigate the feelings you’re experiencing and offer a way forward.